Sculpture Update – Skulls

While I’m eagerly awaiting the Kickstarter release of the the 3Doodler 2.0 I’ve been experimenting with another plastic extruder called the Lay3r.

How can we not be engrossed by the skull. Our biological apartment that houses the blob of jelly we use to hope, dream, and drench with alcohol whenever possible.

Here’s the latest batch of creations are made from ABS plastic filament and may be decorated more later.

The first completed skull in classic white – dimensions: 8.5″ x 5.5″

Profile view


Frontal viewwhiteskull-20150119_214945

This little guy was just an extra something for fun, I call him Distress

Currently in production – Blue Skull


a totally presumptive and wild ass guess from a hail mary pass of judgement about the true nature of the universe…that doesn’t include God.

So this is absolute speculation, I present no evidence or facts other than my observations and interpretations but this is the most rational explanation I’ve found to describe scientifically, a reason and mechanism for creation.

Read this at your own peril.

I came across some thoughts while watching the episode of the new Cosmos series called A Sky Full of Ghosts.

The subject was black holes.

First, the episode explains how black holes can form from binary star systems. As one star pulls mass from the other it increases until critical mass is reached and gravitational singularity is reached.

But then it struck me suddenly as I ran through my mind about exactly what Dr. Tyson was explaining.

Science fiction has explored the possibility of black holes acting like interstellar subways but this was just one possibility.

We think of the universe as an expanding bubble of space time, except it is these curiosities of gravity that elude that definition. Black holes attract light and matter inward against the universal expansion.

With this crush of cosmic forces, by mass and gravity become applied to the point called a singularity and space-time becomes as what is described in the “Big Bang” theory of creation from a unified field. The conclusional jump then is our universe is the other side of a black hole

Could it be those mysterious devourers of worlds and engines of destruction might hide the wellspring of creation behind that curtain of gravity? Is this process of cosmic birth forged by flames of destruction?

A scene from the movie Inception, demonstrates the curious effect of the two mirrors reflecting light within themselves producing seemingly endless reflections. Light travels back and forth into what seems to be itself.

This phenomenon always intrigue me since the effect seems indicative of the unending nature of infinity that a finite mind could comprehend.

Maybe then this points to evidence that there is no end to this universe. Energy which produces mass which combines to form gravity pulling itself into itself like those little nesting dolls that just never stop.

This universe creates universes within itself which is also one of countless other universes created by countless other universe.

This also could preclude the need for any intelligent design or creator as these are the result of naturally occurring processes.

One might argue it was divine intervention that created this mechanism for creation in first place but this relies on the “god of the gaps” defense.

This hypothesis explains why the universe appears to be left on autopilot without need of further intervention.


So there you have it…logical fallacies and all.

Republicrat or Democracan

DandRWe are reaching a time of change in our political landscape and the conversation is turning to how we can move forward instead of being locked into cycles of republican and democrat.

At this time, both institutions of government administration have had their opportunity to display the latest in their contemporary thinking so we can now compare these much as one would evaluate any service at time of renewal.

Let’s just say that from a customer service standpoint both parties fail us miserably but there are some important differences in these failures we should examine and keep in mind moving forward.

santorumRepublicans are too dominated by alpha male thinking to govern in the long term. The republicans are the big fuzzy warm religious bigot you would expect from a philosophy based on intuitive correctness for the simple act of honoring absolute superstitious dogma.

But Democrats tend to be lead by condescending trust fund opportunity hoarders who believe themselves social martyrs since they worked the serving line at a charity event for the homeless. They claim to have an understanding of the plight of the poor but they view them from the charitable perspective through social programs that insults the common worker who is not subsidized in such apparent manner.

The Republicans identify and exacerbate this persecuted poor working man stereotype for elections while granting enormous tax breaks to corporations in the attempt to stimulate job growth in thinking when the boss has more money they will hire more workers. Things like infrastructure and social programs would then be a by-product of such growth in order to meet demand.

COFFEE-keep-workingThe problem I see is that hearkens a slave mentality still subservient to gold. By investing in the business owner as the engine of economy we cede authority and cultural determination to the soulless mechanism of profit and loss.

Business owners no longer see employees as partners in their enterprise but as workers that would steal the carpets if they weren’t nailed down. They have come to realize wealth is greater incentive to operate rather than social responsibility.

In the ledger book of CEO’s your assets are the goal and labor is a liability. Liabilities best outsourced to countries that warehouse their poor into special economic zones in yet another form of slavery in exchange for temporary relief from abject poverty.

Where are the Democrats? They are standing on stage cutting a ribbon to the new youth center for the underprivileged in the tired attempt to help kids to get educated enough to change their social standing. With low skill jobs conveniently outsourced  and not available locally where else can they point to for the young to occupy their time.

The problem with Democrats is they generally lack moral fortitude or conviction due to this philosophy of equality through consensus building. They have inclusiveness problem that is fundamental to liberal thinking that envisions pure direct democracy. While the Democrats are perceived elitist with a snobbery masked as social consciousness, in my opinion this is the lesser of the two evils when compared to the zealotry of the right which threatens chaos as opposed to the stagnation of the left.

This-boy-just-dont-get-itVulnerability is the main criticism from the right. Democrats are weak on defense instead spending money all on charity for immigrants, drug addicts, and unwed mothers. Just giving all our hard earned tax dollars away to those not worthy…this worthiness being determined by the values of the conservatives personal religious belief that judges those unbelievers as unworthy.

The Democrats consistently fail to rally common cause. Liberalism is a broad definition of stove piped causes that are loosely affiliated with each other under the guise of diversity. Democrats identify with this diversity by labeling it equality but fail to mobilize effectively. Their rhetoric inspires but falls flat when implemented since there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

While the Republicans look before they leap to appear effective in the short term, the Democrats lose buy-in from over planning and fragmentation allowing the vulnerable criticism to be justified. But now the Republicans are also suffering fragmentation with tea party movement and this had lead to a hobbling of the Republican effectiveness.

teabagged-againThese extreme fundamentalist coalitions will dominate as a reactionary movement funded by capitalist interests causing derisiveness and obstruction to progressive decisions that must be made to move the nation forward into a equitable globalized community.

So I return to the decision point we are at.

The Republican party in it’s current direction of militaristic aggrandizement and corporate protectionism will become a fascist state in the future if granted supermajority. The plan appears simple:

  • Instigate government distrust so that civilians begin to believe regulatory laws are civil rights violations.
  • Popularize that mistrust as persecution of time honored institutions like religion through media and action groups funded by corporate interests.
  • Leverage that persecution complex into outrageous behavior like walking in public with semi automatic weapons that pose a clear danger to public safety.
  • When a majority of representation is reached they begin to enact a myriad of public safety laws to appear effective against their manufactured crisis.
  • New safety laws strip privacy and increase taxing entities.
  • New theocratic legislation increases religious content into education curriculum and mandatory allegiance to deistic supreme power for all citizenry.

Pretty soon, Senator Palpatine becomes Emperor Palpatine and the Clone Troopers execute Order 66.

But that’s just a movie, right?


Happy New Year – 2015 art update

20141231_235030Looking back on the blog, last year started with a post about these “things” I’m making using the 3doodler.

This latest creation stands 14 inches and incorporates one of my first creations, the simple cube.


There is another 2 month show of my work at the Central Market this June. I’m working on what it’s going to be about and what work I’ll display.

I’m thinking about including some of the 3doodler work, some of which are still ideas.

Here’s to a happy 2015,…cheers!

Yes, We’re Open For The Holidays

This holiday season is going to be awesome…so many stores are open! But what about that person behind the counter? Do they want to be there or do they have to be there?

Walmart, Starbucks, Kmart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, JCPenny, ToysRUs, Sports Authority, Best Buy, GAP, RadioShack, Sears, and Staples. All remain open this Thanksgiving holiday drawing attention to some interesting questions.

Though having these businesses open seems all good for the shoppers who believe they are getting “deals”. Could being open on holidays be allowing for the slow erosion of workers rights in the social consciousness?

joe-lightsWhat could we expect next?

  • 7 day work weeks – why do you need weekends…you can’t afford to go anywhere.
  • 16 hour work days – you only need 8 hours of sleep anyway.
  • Child labor – Children need to learn strong work ethics to pull their fair share instead of spending time “developing” their minds.
  • Buying your own uniform (Business owners can’t be expected to pay for the image they require AND your salary – get real!)

Is the time when we are supposed to be coming together being subverted by peddlers who mark up the worthless distractions into the “gotta-have’s”. Are these distractions serving to further drive us apart?

Klingon-eatingMuch anxiety has been heaped on the holidays due to the dysfunction our families face.

Irritating relatives with strange habits that serve bad food along with judgmental attitudes. Include the effects of alcohol to the equation and it’s not hard to see why pushing through a crowd of strangers in a mall is preferable.

But is it so bad that for a few hours we must grit our teeth to endure a little displeasure that in the end becomes tales of overcoming adversity that we later laugh about and share fondly? Perhaps too many mindless hours of absorbing this dread from film and television’s over-dramatization of these events causes them to seem worse than they are.

Maybe this holiday season we should try to stop being consumers for a while and just be humans on holiday. No gadgets or games just good times with those we care for most other than ourselves.

The alternative may be a future of indentured servitude for those who have never known any different.


Fergusin – The Extended Version



Darren Wilson’s use of the term demon in his testimony belies a religious subtext of his own inner monologue while exercising civil authority by deadly force. Further could be asked about the strategy and training that is supplied to officers in respect to conflict resolution and use of deadly force. We do know they certainly have been supplied with enough weaponry and military surplus but what about the wisdom to use it?

The question being raised is was he no longer a highly trained law enforcement professional seeing a citizen that was his sworn duty to protect and serve but instead he saw a creature created by divine judgement ready to consume his sweet lily white soul in the fiery torments of eternal damnation. Not literally no.

But did this slip of the tongue indicate a thought process that in turn frightened the officer on a primeval level? Such that he felt the need to shoot the unarmed 18 year old six times instead of relying on his training to incapacitate first and use lethal force only if absolutely necessary. Did he not see Michael Brown as a person but as a thing that made him fear for his life? Could this kind of instinctual reaction can be associated with ancient fears propagated by bronze age philosophy inherent in religion?

Black Eyes, Black Soul

Authority that is vulnerable to religious context when making life and death decisions whether conscious or sub conscious is indicative of the major threat we face from religious thinking in general.

good-god-evil-devilThe black eyes common in entertainment imagery for mythological entities reinforces a western concept that evil comes from black. This demon imagery is a product of historical religious propaganda that inserts itself through popular culture as the moral authority for the nature of good and evil when in fact it perpetuates a master and servant mentality.

A question then arises if this authority is institutionalized into a racially focused power base from this indoctrinated religious outlook. This is not as impossible as one may think from observations based on history of Anglo-Caucasian culture in the United States.

persecutionA problem with basing power off of race or any group will inevitably cause the group in power to be replaced by another, usually the group or race that was previously persecuted. Please refer to Israel and Palestine for a real world example.

So do we have law enforcement or institutionalized violence?…an ideal to ponder is what is at issue here and the question as well.

You can say the white police officer had fear for his life and is justified in shooting an unarmed black teen six times.

Or you can argue that law enforcement officials are more dedicated to protecting their own lives and that the citizenry is inevitably responsible for it’s own safety though it’s behavior.

Thank you, Officer…

We allow police over our lives with the understanding they are to protect and help us even at the cost of their own lives. However if these individuals value their own lives more than the citizenry they are sworn to protect should they be allowed weapons or authority over others?

As hard as it is to overcome instinctual desires of self preservation can we be so pragmatic about life and death situations as to hold an ideal as unattainable instead of just the reality we must endure?

One theme you may hear in conversations about this incident is that the victim placed himself in a fatal situation against police. I agree he was quite possibly a arrogant 18 year old acting like a swaggering bully just as 18 year olds are prone to do. Posturing himself among his friends and community to attain a semblance of self respect that is needed so much at that age.

Once-in-the-legHowever what we should question is the response from a trained profession ten years his senior that felt so threatened the only response was to use fatal force instead of waiting for reinforcement.

This is a sacred trust and respect we give these individuals, for they have the duty to take away life without cultural reciprocity in the name of civilization.

Evidence of over reaction cannot be summarily dismissed for it tends to lead to unquestioning attitudes indicative of fascist police states.

“So police should just sacrifice themselves at the first opportunity? “

I would hope not, but if the situation calls for sacrifice and they want to wear an badge and gun that is the serious and mortal responsibility they must bear. But another possibility could be it may cause them to override their instinctual self preservation to find a solution that avoids the cost of any life. This ability is why as a society we respect law keepers as authority instead of who use vigilante tactics to settle disputes.

“But no one would want to do that!”

No one but the one’s who truly accept this mortal commitment they have upon them. For it is these men and women, through their character decide if we have an entity of fair law enforcement in a society of equal rights or an institutionalized vigilante militia driven by political dominance.

A question then of belief.

This character if driven by mythological beliefs like religion overrides an ideology of civilian law enforcement then that thinking is a highly questionable justification. When that is based on personal instead of a common secular morality then the act should be exposed as a betrayal of the sacred trust we place in law enforcement.

Religion has been abused too often by the passion that is invoked by fervent believers throughout the world and cannot be trusted as a intuitive source of guidance.

Especially since it claims to be that only source but fails.

 Further reading

Those Dirty Foreigners…

“The illegals aren’t here to become Americans or because they love our way of life…”

“but they are illegal. We are overran here.”

“Stop bringing you families here illegally!

“It’s just a matter of time we will be a country filled with undereducated and dependent people…”

These tragic comments collected from Americans who believe they are protecting their own national interests. But instead they are turning their backs on the one thing that differentiates America from most other nations.


There is also a passive aggressive racism in these statements that characterizes fellow humans as something inferior. Strangers become stereotypes that can easily be dismissed from conscious empathy. This modern form of nativism disguised in the legality of the the situation provides the argument that non natives will bring disease or anarchy into the stability of the nation. Where are the roots of such xenophobia?

god-in-heavenIt could come from the major religious belief that perpetuates the master and slave mentality in exchange for eternal life. The feudal model of the lord and his castle of heaven as an enslavement fantasy playing on the desire for freedom. The promise of adherence to belief is that you could attain freedom through a pact with the divine called grace. A tenuous concept for justification imparting the favored status of the adherent. As the “chosen”.

But to attain this spiritual grace your mind must apply concepts like king, lord, or ruler, subject, and vassal to everyday life which then impacts social behavior. This wish fulfillment of having your own kingdom entails servants, peasants, serfs, or whatever you choose to call them. Others who are unbelievers are untermenschen as the Germans at one time put it deserving of “protection” at best or flat out slavery or extermination.

This grace protects against the outsider which is a primeval psychological construct based on survival mentalities of our ancestors. This psychological outlook may be instinctual but only serves the uncivilized nature of man and deeper fears of the unknown. It interferes and obstructs the ability to develop coherent policies to allow inclusionary practices like immigration and naturalization.

Immigration is not a liability but has always been America’s greatest asset. The more people who believe in it’s ideals of liberty and justice for all, the stronger it becomes as a nation.We have seen time and time the level of prosperity rise with waves of immigrants and the entrepreneurs they bring.

In a way this is a game of numbers as whichever ideology gathers the most supporters gains dominance. That dominance when achieved by regressive imperialism which depletes resources of material, time, and most importantly people. It also raises the need to maintain that security by force of arms. Reason on the other hand levels the force of arms to the intellectual or compassionate level in which logic and compromise provides loyalty therefore reducing the need to police the populace or intimidate them into compliance.

To prevent imperialism it is important to identify leaders that broadcast fear and hate in the guise of national interest. Nefarious but necessary evils that strip away human rights while crushing the less fortunate under heel of aggression for security of our “homeland“.

Side note: Using the word “land” in referring to a nation or group usually indicates an imperialist mindset that is at play. Please refer to examples of “Motherland” and “Fatherland” as propagandist indicators of a political and social stratification being applied.

Injustice and suffering has a long memory and passes through the generations. Those who we refuse or persecute today pass that pain onto the children and the cycle repeats until this false superiority degenerates into decadence and then falls into the footnotes of history.

This is our time, this is our test, and our only real weapon is our humanity and our compassion.Strangers


Who Wants To Live Forever

So if you could live forever as in a post-mortal afterlife, what would you do with it? Here’s a few thoughts on the possibilities available from the folks who claim to have the answers.

Tmetaphysical-touristhe Metaphysical Tourist

So we become a spiritual traveller without the burden of luggage. The ghost without the shell as it were. All the benefits of voyeurism without any risk. Travel is instantaneous to anywhere so we can solve the riddle of extraterrestrial life. What does the universe really look like? Does the Queen really snore in her sleep?

But then what happens after all that unknowable becomes known or at least knowing the unknowable becomes so commonplace as to be boring? But maybe since it is infinity there is no knowable end to the experience.

It’s easy to see the wish fulfillment behind this belief system and the hope that adherents have to this idea is the concept they will be transcendent to the physical plane and perhaps obtain some enhanced control over the universe.

You can include cults like Ashtar, Heaven’s Gate, and Scientology in this category as astral projection is a basic tenant of the belief along but true to any religion there is usually some alien guide that needs some earth cash, and quickly.

Wash, Rinse, Reincarnate.

Reincarnation is the idea of recycling your spirit energy into another mortal life to gain greater experience. This experience builds up into a critical mass of enlightenment and you evolve into a higher consciousness of reality. What is this higher consciousness?

Conveniently no one really knows or can know since understanding it would put you on the other side of the enlightenment divide. One thing that is believed is that it breaks the cycle of reincarnation so you become “egoless”. See Returning to the Source below.

But true to any religion there is a punishment factor.

Your karma or the psychic build up of your earthly actions. These can either take you up or down the reincarnation spectrum. This judgement is rather automatic without any real consciousness addressing you other than the whole unified sentience of the universe that you are a part of as well.

There are all kinds of disciplines to align your energy centers or chakra to improve the flow of your “life force” but it becomes a convoluted understanding of desire, abstinence, and suffering.  In many ways these belief system’s devotion to defining it’s path to enlightenment proves to be one of it’s greatest failings. It unfortunately becomes mired in the dogma and tradition just as any religion to the point of being distant and aloof.

All in all this idea does provide a solid basis for self determination and responsibility but still maintains the cloak of superstition that blocks access to a rational understanding. Putting oneself in the larger context of multiple lives may prove to be just as hindering as the promise of an afterlife.

With so many chances for do overs it provides yet another excuse to procrastinate even in the face of karmic retribution.

The Heavenly Paradise

heavenMan, get ready cause Heaven is the shiz-net! This version of afterlife sounds pretty sweet as it is the total wish fulfillment of Fantasy Island coupled with immortality of Highlander thrown in as the bonus. This is cosmic party central where the righteous and faithful get everything they ever wanted as the payoff for all that earthly denial.

With the Christians it’s mostly about having your audience with the creator to talk about how awesome you think God is. God seems to appreciate this and then lets you pal around with his Angels for a while. But this is just a warm up to the second and less publicized judgement that occurs at the ”End of Time” or “Rapture 2: God Kicks Ass”.

Evidently, the first rapture or apocalypse was just eschatological foreplay as God gets down to the business of making the universe he intended to in the first place. But first God will need to evict all those leftover sinners who have been using that free will he gave them and somehow escaped the first “rapture-pocalypse”.Apocalypse-vasnetsov-PD-1923

For the faithful who have obediently kept their free will under guidance of the Lord’s will, they finally have their revenge for all the ridicule from those liberal perverts and high school science teachers. heaven-is-awesomeIt will serve those smarty pant eggheads right for not blindly following what everybody already knew but just couldn’t prove. Now who’s laughing Richard Dawkin’s!

All those questioning sinners will be obliterated and it will be that golden age when no one will have any pesky difference of opinions anymore. All the faithful agree that this will be really great for them as they get to spend eternity smiling uncomfortably at each other.

The Muslims on the other hand, describe their version of paradise called Jannah with great detail to include wearing fancy robes and jewelry while being served at opulent banquets of food you can eat for up to 40 years.

Why 40 years for this banquet? Hard to say but considering one day is equal to thousand earth years it sounds like you’ll be busy for a while. All this in a gold and diamond house surrounded by a garden that you never need weed or trim. Every suburban homeowners dream. While at this little swaray you can talk about the past with your friends and family providing they covered the admission charge as well.

All this pales however to the one on one that you get with the big guy himself in kind of a teen girl crush that makes your panties so wet that all the feasting and conversation pales in comparison.

No real mention of the 80 virgins but that is probably just a “given” in the wish fulfillment column.

Returning to the Source


Maybe it’s not eternal “life” per se but just that tingly feeling you get because god is so awesome and you two are so similar.

God then becomes that stalker roommate that finally gets you alone in that cabin in the woods – in this case you lose your individuality to the collective in which your consciousness melds with the god as the expression of this devotion to the faith.

mr-owl-as-godIn this case YOU have no everlasting life. It’s only the energy that your consciousness possesses that is returned to the source from which it came. The faith then prepares you for this and prevents you from screaming wildly as everything that was you is stripped away to get to your juicy metaphysical center.

So in this scenario God can be thought of as Mr. Owl in the tootsie pop commercial  – One…Two…Three…CRUNCH!

A common theme in these ideas is that one’s status in the afterlife is a reward or punishment for their conduct during the mortal life. They inevitably use wish fulfillment as the as the payoff for adherence to the religion in denial that altruism can be it’s own reward.

These philosophies become a checklist of obedience under threat of damnation or some sort of eternal punishment. These traditions hide this subjugation behind ritual and superstition to keep existing political power structures in place.

burkasUnfortunately, these power structures are modeled after the aristocratic or feudal systems. The system of authority survives in the form of “tradition” and becomes especially dangerous when fundamentalism is applied. Fundamentalist cycles produce these times of zealots who preach the true meaning of “the word” while instructing followers to sacrifice themselves in defense of rationalized irrational faith.

These cycles can be seen as a result of humanity’s basic desire to transcend this life whether it be based on fear or inspiration. This transcendence is refusal to accept of this moment as our immortality if even for a limited time.

So how have we dealt with this fear of what seems a terrible possibility that after death there is nothing afterwards. Our response becomes to deny of this unpopular yet highly provable truth about existence.

Consequently we create the need for superfluous details to distract from that horrifying inevitability in order to provide enough doubt to harbor this benign hope of another life that is better than this. But problems always arise when this distraction is challenged and the intricate veil woven over the inconvenient truth comes back into focus.

These belief systems apply allegory or tradition to important concepts such as morality into a wide range of interpretation. This might seem beneficial initially but leads to widespread confusion when everyone maintains their own version.

If everyone takes the same truth and defines their own version of it then no one can ever be wrong since they all operate from authority of the same truth.

Or we can try to live with honestly in this moment we have now and accept that forever is our today.



..Freddy and the boys made up a little song about forever, here it is

There’s no time for us
There’s no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever . . .?
Oh ooo oh
There’s no chance for us
It’s all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever
Who dares to love forever
Oh oo woh, when love must die

But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever
Forever is our today
Who waits forever anyway?

BUdd BuNNY – The Price of Oil



So this is Budd, he’s been around for a while and as a member of the lesser order of creatures in this world he has been watching us . Unfortunately he doesn’t like what he sees.

Back in the 1970’s there were solar heating panels on the White House under order of then President Jimmy Carter. The OPEC oil embargo earlier that decade had taught America that dependency on oil was unsustainable. However due to the politics of conservative factions of the time the solar panels were seen as a publicity stunt. Which was the general distain that prevailed against the democrats at the time in order to reelect a republican to the presidency. Kinda like now.

Of course, it worked and here we are nearly half a century later here we are still under the thumb of petrochemical industry and their political friends. These same factions now are still resistant to the fact that we haven’t done all that we could to end this dependency on oil and the resulting climate impacts.

Once again there are solar panels on the White House, will they remain or will we blunder into yet another dark age of poisoning the earth further by listening to loud and ignorant.

Sorry America, you’re just lazy…


“I think this idea that’s been born out the last – maybe out of the economy last couple of years that, ‘You know, I really don’t have to work. I don’t really want to do this, I think I’d just rather sit around.’ This is a very sick idea for our country.” – John Boehner (R-Ohio)

Leaders and loud mouths like to use statements like these in order to perpetuate the stereotype of a welfare entitlement state.

It pictures in the listeners mind the lazy good for nothing ne’er do well that will steal the silverware as soon as your back is turned. It’s a good reason to keep people suspicious of one another.

When people are suspicious then they do not trust and seek only personal gain. When people only seek personal gain they forget about the consequences to actions on larger issues. This reinforces the structure of class in society to keep the rich isolated and the poor disenfranchised. Statements like these unveil the upper class entitlement as it hides behind the puritan work ethic.

The “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” cliche is usually brought out to heap shame upon the unlucky or the disillusioned who are trapped in a survival mode mentality brought about by the limited freedom provided by elite oligarchs and captains of industry.

We the people are not lazy, we are disillusioned. We are continually disappointed by leaders who have abandoned working for the common good in favor of the corporate good. Moreover though we are constantly subjected to the politics of protecting a power structure we all see as broken and a lifestyle we see as unsustainable.

Politicians call this power structure America when they get all misty eyed talking about why they are in the business. It’s a politicized lie referring to the true state of their perception or version of they think America should be.



The God That Hates


As the old saying goes, “God is love”.

But if you believe your god hates sin, what does that say about your god?

Good = god, Bad = devil

good-god-evil-devilIf we could for a moment contemplate that the mental construct of god is the aspiration of the human mind to personify positive emotion and behavior. The devil would be the opposite of this idealization as the negative and destructive quality that if left unchecked or controlled would wreak chaos in our lives. These view points validate one another’s existence to provide balance to the universe.

But this is not what appears to be the case in religion, what follows is a brief overview…

God also judges mankind and can meter out punishment in accordance to the negativity spread by the individual since that interferes with all the good vibes God desires for us. Evidently God and the Devil worked out a plan in which the devil takes God’s judgement and administers this made to order torture that is deliciously ironic as to make the individual suffer usually without end which is called eternity.

This all takes place however on a plane of existence that people in their mortal form cannot and should not be able to detect with any kind of observation or repeatable proof. If they could then the whole point of the universe would not continue as people must according to God will be able to believe whatever is told to them as long as it comes from God. Jesus-grilled-cheese

God may choose to send this communication in the form of selfies of his son, the girl he knocked up or one of his angels. These metaphysical wall posts can take the shape of burnt toast, potato chips, or clouds over hospitals in imagery that only the people that are especially good can see and recognize.

These veeeery special people then have the obligation from God to inform the rest of us about whatever this communication is all about. It could be that God doesn’t like what someone else is doing which is causing problems that most of us didn’t realize was even happening except for this very special person, that God told. Most times however it involves donating material things to the cause of God as outlined by this very special person to either stop the offending person or make preparations when this person gets here and starts causing the trouble.

creepy-uncleGod loves us like an overindulgent parent or that uncle that takes telling bible stories a bit to far. Mostly God wants to makes sure we are all comfortable and well taken care of in the guidance that God through this very special person allow us to decide for ourselves within the limits of what the very special person tells us is good according to God.

They call this free will but the subscription price requires you to accept what you are told without really bothering to question. Unsubscribers to your particular free will are usually the first that God tells the special person need to be sent back to judgement so they can be “saved”. But it’s ok because God, through his special person will make sure you won’t be bothered too much.

Unfortunately a lot of times the very special person gets off track probably does some things that God doesn’t like so God stops communicating with that person and chooses someone else to let the rest of us know that the first person really isn’t representing him anymore.

MPLOB-stoningIn the old days, it was suggested that we should put the offender to death so God and the Devil can work their special brand of magic on that person and restore balance and harmony to the universe that this person upset.

So God which is the creator and de fact o caretaker of everything good as well as everything bad in the universe. However he gets pretty miffed at having to find new people to talk to about what others are doing wrong. In this sense, God is a bit of an introvert and can only relate to a select few of us.

So God hates.

sin-hrumphThis would seem to be a easy concept for everyone to understand except for the part where it can’t be proven except for the very special person telling us all this. Oddly enough if it was provable then it would take all the fun out of the universe in guessing just who God is talking through currently.

This concept of linking hate and love seems like a contradiction but that’s only because it is.

Here are some explanations from our apologetic friends about how god loves us so much he is obligated to punish us.


God hates sin because it is contrary to his perfect and holy nature. It is impossible for God to do anything wrong.

God hates sin because it is the very antithesis of His nature.

God hates sin so much. It stops THE BLESSING from functioning.

Some say that we should say that God only hates the sin but loves the sinner. But, the scriptures speak contrary to that.

We in the church have failed to remind this generation that while God is love, He also has the capacity to hate. He hates sin, and He will judge it.


Why should man project hate onto this archetype of compassion? While hate is a common human emotion to equate that quality to the divine source upon which you turn to alleviate such emotion is contrary to the purpose.

source: Salvation-for-dummiesMaybe the purpose then is not to alleviate negative emotion but to sanctify persecution. For a god that hates is easier to understand by humans that do the same.

Applying the analogy of parent and child to divine grace whereas the parent is obligated to discipline their child for their own good uses poor reasoning. Adults are not children in any sense as we have achieved that maturity that we have evolved over countless generations. To believe one can regress into a metaphysical state of innocence abdicates personal responsibility for their actions in favor of divine responsibility.

source: unknownIf we are given true free will then why would we be punished for using that will in whatever way we feel is necessary? Why condemn your child for using the actualized consciousness you created for them? Why interfere when the point of free will was to make them capable of making their own choices and accepting the consequences?

god-said-noIf this divine overseer existed why would it allow millions to be raped, murdered or even butchered in it’s name. Where is all the outrage from this divinity that dooms souls to everlasting torment for not accepting it’s will? Where is the concern when something could actually be done to prevent suffering of the innocent? Why would god create a universe it could only control as interpreted through fallible humans?

Why be such an introvert?

To quote Sam Harris “Either God can do nothing to stop catastrophes like this, or he doesn’t care to, or he doesn’t exist. God is either impotent, evil, or imaginary.”

If god is not a higher standard of behavior we can aspire to then what good is that god? It would appear then that this divinity is not capable of leading by example but only through threat, intimidation, and condemnation.

How human god appears after all.

The Trap of Religion


Religion claims to provide moral and ethical enlightenment as opposed to the pagan anarchy that it views as the only alternative.

But this enlightenment is inclusionary to the specific belief system producing a contradiction to a unified approach to the nature of understanding existence. Despite the denial of adherents that their religion is for everyone it is explicitly for those who believe in it.

Atheism is criticized as nihilistic or amoral since the mindset of theists are programmed to believe that without divine authority there can be no other guidance that provides moral or ethical framework. This worldview discounts the natural ability of the human mind to produce equitable behavior based on reason and logic as sources of moral guidance.

In essence it can be stated that there are two major themes that are addressed in religion – reciprocity and authority, one is meant to appeal to reason and the other to bind obedience.


Do not murder, steal, or lie – These social issues of reciprocity have been addressed in much older laws such as the code of Hammurabi. It can be argued then that these concepts are not derived from divine guidance but instead from evolutional survival traits. Humanity realized long ago that certain behavioral limits must be in place to provide cultural continuity.

No other gods before me, no graven image, etc – These rules instill unquestioning authority in charismatic fashion to the belief system.

The problem with charisma is initially it seems so revolutionary until it becomes institutionalized then it reverts to unquestioning domination. Any non-secular form of government suffers this no matter how benign.

Time and again the moral adherents follow dogma and superstition in order to be accepted into a social group or protected from persecution. They become victims of their own philosophical trap of fear based judgement because eternal damnation is very real to them.

This belief system based on ancient custom becomes an attractive and easy alternative to independent thinking. But as history has shown time and again it also provides validation for the persecution of others who disagree or challenge the authority.

However, it has been demonstrated that when religious adherents are confronted with their own violations of these moral precepts in front of peers they will deny the transgression just as often as non-adherents. They will lie to appear faithful thus reinforcing both their concept of original sin in which they can be forgiven and validation of the need for their religion.

This denial exemplifies the fundamental flaw of charismatic moral systems to provide the actual guidance and moral fortitude needed to maintain cultural and societal coherence. Exactly the problem that religion claims to solve.


This modified form of hero worship abdicates personal independent growth in emulation of an idealized archetype that bears no relation to shared reality. We can look at the current culture of modern day celebrity as a symptom of this delusional preoccupation with personality.

Without such coherence, the continuity of society is subjected to a cycle of conservative and liberal extremes that only keep existing power structures in place. However currently these existing power structures are still based on feudal caste systems that prevent true social mobility by solidifying population control into the hands of the few powerful elite.

So if we are seeking true enlightenment using religion then we are going backwards by definition as it is sometimes translates from latin as lego “read”, i.e. re (again) + lego in the sense of “choose”, “go over again” or “consider carefully”.

Consider carefully then just where you place your faith.


The Beast That Remains

theBeast-salome2It was an age of barbarism that reduced life to survival of the fittest until the age of humanity swept over the world and quelled the beast that ravaged the land.

But the beast knew it was being hunted by those who sought truth instead of blood and found refuge in another incarnation.

TtheBeast-bodyhis form was one of peace that covered the beast in divine grace and charitable acts designed to disguise the blood-lust it craved. It was punished by the barbarians that misunderstood it’s true nature and was martyred into reverence.

For a while the beast began to believe it had changed. But it was only the form that changed and this served only to distract Humanity. For a time it was good for the beast and the humans that served it.

theBeast-surgeryFinally humanity pushed back the dark age of the beast’s kingdom. But the beast still plotted it’s time to strike back as it cowered behind it’s walls of divinity.

The Enlightenment that so many suffered and died for came under attack as the beast saw the opportunity to attain it’s dominance again by convincing humanity to return to the old ways.

Science had admitted it’s fallibility in the pursuit of truth and the beast pounced onto the throat of belief as it’s only savior.

It would garner sympathy as it sought to play the the victim again and swell its ranks with sycophants and idolaters.

The victim of persecution by questioning the ways of the beast that were held most sacred. For these were not to be challenged.theBeast-sacrifice

In truth, if these ways were revealed to Humanity then what the beast had kept secret for so long would be exposed for the lie it was.

The beast had kept it’s ways of blood and crafted them into ceremony and ritual that continued to germinate the seed of barbarism in the disguise of civilization. The beast’s version of civilization.

theBeast-persecutedDressed in it’s finest vestments, the beast proclaimed how it had been oppressed and mistreated for being questioned at all.

The beast used all the tricks of emotion and inventions of science to beguile humanity into the frenzy of devotion that drives reason back into superstition.

All the while moving itself closer to tearing off its mask and bathing in the blood of the infidels, free from it’s shackles of compromise.

theBeast-caliphateThis beast of religion has lead us back to the place it was supposed to save us from 2000 years ago. It continually fights amongst itself to the threat of us all.

It hides the truth that we are already moral creatures without need of religion.

It refuses to accept religion as the cause of the barbarism that now ravages Humanity again.

It mimics and codifies the good we already do then claims itself as source. All this to maintain authority over others so only the few control the many.

There is a way to release ourselves from the chains of religion. Anarchy would not be the alternative if we used true scientific reason and logic to separate our principles from the motivations that drive us.

Unless religion can step over the threshold of reason into a unified canon that reconciles all the differences currently in dispute then it is of no value to an enlightened global society and actually burdens us from moving forward causing more suffering than it saves.

But if you still think god exists and lets this happen…,then he isn’t good enough for us.

Religion Causes Blindness


OREGON~~”A Beavercreek couple who left their infant daughter’s fate to God rather than seek medical treatment for a mass that grew over her left eye will face charges of first-degree criminal mistreatment. ..The couple and their church reject medical care in favor of faith-healing — anointing with oil, laying on of hands, prayer and fasting. The parents testified at a juvenile court hearing last week that they never considered getting medical attention.”

SIERRA LEONE~~”According to family sources Zainab’s problem started when an elderly relation one day told her parents that she possessed some supernatural powers and that she needed to be warded off of the evil spirit,”

Mr. Kamara confided, saying Zainab was then taken to a witch doctor who administered several droplets of liquids from herbs in her eye that now affects her sight. He said Zainab had been taken to several eye clinics across the country; and in Freetown they finally told the parents that she has lost sight from her right eye.”

Two examples for the physical blindness that we force onto another generation by the following of religion. These failings are ours as parents and ourselves as Humanity as it becomes a perpetuating intellectual blindness.

Claims that any god is directing this universe in any direction only serves to distract from the inevitability that Humanity will need to move past these superstitious passions in order to move forward. Not to rid ourselves of them as to descend into anarchy but to direct them in more beneficial directions.

To ask to be saved is to accept a supreme authority so as to establish the chain of command in place for those who rule and those who serve. So if the lesson is a requirement for obedience or submission to authority so order can bring prosperity then let us accept that as Truth we must all abide.

Let us not disguise that principle under direction of a mythical consciousness that may or may not intervene based upon a plan that only it can understand. But let that recognition of authority be equitable with clear defined reason and logic so all can have understanding without metaphor or allegory.

Others have argued that we must act as if god cannot and does not help us directly or indirectly. If there is such a god it has distanced itself from us and cannot be relied upon for any guidance.

I argue that belief in god is a result of maturing adaptation of our infant psychology reflected in our adult mentality. It may be important but it holds no supernatural authority or divine significance. It reveals god as only a ghost of Mom and Dad.

If this god grants us Free Will then take it and walk out from that shadow of metaphysical grace into simply being Human.

Have faith in Humanity instead of faith in god. Act for our future instead of your rapture.

An Atheist Afterlife


Gideon knew he had taken the corner too fast as the car careened off the embankment. Gideon knew this was serious the moment he felt the vertebrae snap in his neck. Gideon knew he was dead when his vision went black.

Gideon knew also that time didn’t stop. He could feel the moments passing. He felt space stretch out before him he could still feel the universe around through him. However now he was no longer corporeal. He could move without the need of having a physical presence. Which was fantastic! It was the greatest sensation he had ever felt and he realized that it wasn’t a physical sensation but a mental one.

He was now free from having a body and the worry of self preservation. What was left to preserve? Nothing, he thought. He had did it. He had transcended his mortal presence without losing his sentience but now what were the rules?

Was he now a ghost doomed to haunt the living? Could he find the right house to haunt if he was? However he didn’t have a haunting feeling whatever that was supposed to feel like.

Was imprisoned on this stretch of highway curve, forever driving his car over the edge. There would be the odd passerby that would report the sighting.

Yep, and the local townsfolk would just say that was old Gideon still trying to make that curve. Though he didn’t feel like it was imperative for him to prove that to himself. He knew he was going too fast and it was stupid of him to think otherwise. And he didn’t see any ghost car waiting anywhere.

His vision began to return and he could now see that he floating above the crash site. There already emergency personnel on the scene trying to resuscitate the poor shell that once was Gideon’ body. But from what Gideon could see of what was left of his body coming back was not going to happen.

He pushed himself toward his body but would keep passing through it as he was not able to stop and hold himself inside his body anymore. He would just slip over it like when you put the same poles of two magnets together. He felt repelled…and it was by himself ironically.

As Gideon remembered his life as it was then he began to wonder about this life as it is now.

And he could feel himself begin to rise into the air. He could not feel the air anymore but again to rise higher and higher until …there was a glowing light above him. IT was a point of light calling to him and he was getting closer and closer. The point turned into a ball that became a sphere growing into the size of the planet he was just noticing he had left.

The light had a warmth and attractiveness that he could not quite define only that he wanted to be part of it. To bath in the brilliance of this magnificent illumination that made him feel safe and ….he struck something and bounced back like a ball. Some invisible force was keeping him away. He struggled against it using muscles that didn’t exist anymore against something he could not fathom. He told himself it was futile but really he thought it was getting boring.

Yet another metaphysical let down. What a surprise. so if this was judgement day where was the tribunal or court that sentenced him to damnation. Wasn’t there supposed to be some drama that either blessed or cursed him to some eternity.

But there wasn’t. Maybe this was that middle place the religions talked about…purgatory. Right.

Still didn’t feel right though, without some formal declaration to frame this experience it was just left up to him to define what this was…or wasn’t.

So he began traveling around the thing. Occasionally bouncing off whatever barrier there was. Think scientifically he told himself. Gather data and analyse to construct the hypothesis.

Let’s start out with what this isn’t. This is not a physical universe anymore yet this barrier seemed to imply there was some force at work here. He didn’t sense any guidance was moving him only his own curiosity. Without having to deal with cold or heat or hunger is exceptional experience and was reasonable that it could only be appreciated fully after living in the mortal world.

Did I just use the term “mortal” he thought. Am I immortal then?

That remained to be seen as there may be strong conjecture but it was only subjective brought about by hyperbole. And then there was the matter of the absence of other souls for the lack of a better word. He had not seen or sensed may be the better word anyone or anything else than the glowing sphere.

But would he be able to sense anything without senses. He knew he could see but it wasn’t by using eyes it was more a clarity of perception concerning the things around him. The perception didn’t move but appeared scene around him like the sphere.

Behind him and beyond the sphere were what appeared faint clouds that shimmered with their own lights and he could see movement. Maybe that was the judgement hall and he had just come in the back way he thought. There was hope for answers yet.

As he approached a cloud it began to reveal shapes of great columned structures and golden glow and what appeared as a gigantic gate. Then he could make out forms walking and flying around and it was very much like those biblical scenes we are so familiar with.

On the horizon of that he saw another sphere of blackened reddish cloud with the same architectural features like columns and arches and stairs but at impossible angles like an Escher drawing.

And yet another of these spheres had lush gardens, another of gilded gold, another of silver. On and on it went these massive collections of perceptions that seemed populated and peaceful but not aware of the other. He saw the trap that is was for the believers that imprisoned themselves either by grace or damnation into a destiny that was finite.

But he could see these to be infinite combinations from infinite sources. The realization of the nature of an infinite universe became apparent. The variations couldn’t end…there was no possible way for infinity to end since once it was defined the universe then changed it’s state or nature or essence to become something else. Something infinite.

Such is our place in this ever moving and ever changing universe.

As the truth took over his consciousness he could see and feel all things and people in the universe now. The differences didn’t matter as it is our uniqueness that makes us equal. Each fulfilling roles as they are created by the response of creating the role itself. A cycle of consciousness in a variety that cannot end in a timeless void of awareness.

Was this the role of mortality to include a finality or the experience of an end to something that had none. He thought that would indeed complete the logic. If the universe was infinite as well as consciousness it responded by creating finite or limited experiences. The physical universe was only one possible variation of infinity. The other variations became known as an afterlife and seen as the goal or eventual outcome of physical existence. But it was the other way around.

Physical existence is an anomaly in a universe that does not and cannot end. He was in his natural or original state now and it made more sense to him now after living the life he had as a “mortal”. Now he could fully appreciate the timelessness that infinity held with all it’s combination and variation because he had learned what it was to be limited.

With the contentment of that realization it occurred to Gideon that his role had been accomplished. No matter what he had done in that mortal existence it was completed and the need for survival had passed.

That is when the being who was once called Gideon by parents, friends, and lovers became that which is called I am.

Gideon’s body then let out it’s final breath.

Into forever.



Die Hard Conan Rambo Terminator

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then what is it? If civilian police dress like soldiers and behave like soldiers then what are they?

How might these public servants view those around them when equipped with Marine-issue camouflage, military-grade body armor, short-barreled assault rifles, and armored vehicles? What psychological impacts are there on the person that has to put carry such burden.

Does it change them from a public servant dedicated to protect and serve into a para military asset sent to seek and destroy?

its-a-copEven if you stencil “POLICE” in big friendly letters on the tactical grade body armor, the perception of someone coming at you in combat attire is threatening and intimidating. That’s what done in war because the enemy has acknowledged we don’t like each other and murder is the only option we are going to pursue at this time.

Law enforcement is not war as police officers should not view citizens as the enemy they have to gear up and strap on for. When they begin doing that on a regular basis I think we can use the term “police state” to describe the situation.

Are we really “multitasking to create new synergies” of law enforcement and civil protection here or blurring lines that should not be crossed for a reason. Is it an indication of poorly managed military spending manipulated by government contractors to create surplus tools of war for investor profits.

Is it secret plans of an elite to put a domestic army in place or simply the unavoidable conclusions of decisions made through bias and without forethought? Do we find cause if we consider the inequities at the core of our culture we choose not to reconcile?

Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly is arrested when police officers suddenly closed a Ferguson McDonald's restaurant on West Florissant Avenue on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014. (Robert Cohen / St. Louis Post-Dispatch)Recently the conflicts over the Mike Brown incident in Ferguson, Missouri demonstrates what happens when a subculture dedicated to alpha male stereotypes begin seeing those they are entrusted to protect as targets of intimidation.

When the mentality is reached so even journalists become targets of harassment by the police it borders on denial of free press. Sometimes it’s hard to judge when the line is crossed into becoming a “facist thug”, sometimes it isn’t.

Should we be surprised, after all our cultural rhetoric of declaring war on social adversaries like poverty, HIV, and Drugs.

A “War on” was a euphemism for dedication to a cause but instead it seems that war-onmetaphor has been taken literally by a populace programmed by heroic archetypes and two dimensional enemies, (weak or evil).

It doesn’t seem far to go into seeing each other the same way like the “War on That Idiot Driver” or the “War on the Guy Whose Playing His Music Too Loud”. So we must ask ourselves are we a nation of warriors or a nation of citizens.

Do we idly sit by and watch it happen or should we not seek to assure this escalation in law combat mode doesn’t happen again. In 2005, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that police do not have a constitutional duty to protect a person from harm. The motto of “protect and serve” has been altered to just “serve” which begs the question of just who do they serve? Is it the people or the principle?

But we know the argument, that the police are human too and they must protect themselves from deathly assaults. Not only themselves but also their families from a enraged citizenry driven by desperation and anger. That’s how the mindset of being at war works. Escalation of hostilities continues without end until both sides are diminished enough to no longer threaten each other. That is the fallacy of the nobility of war.

Captain America's shield symbolized the ability of non violent or defensive strategies to overcome conflict. But this anti war metaphor is subverted when this patriotic hero archetype is portrayed now with firearms. Captain America becomes a conqueror instead of a defender.

Captain America’s shield symbolized the ability of non violent or defensive strategies to overcome conflict. But this anti war metaphor is subverted when this patriotic hero archetype is portrayed now with firearms. Captain America becomes a conqueror instead of a defender.


Since the 1980’s there is a faction of America let’s call it “The Establishment” that began turning our national narrative back into the issues of the 1950’s with the sense that the revolution of the 60’s was a mistake. Reagan crushed the Soviets, Falwell created a Moral Majority and Huey Lewis told us it was hip be square.  The idea being somehow back during Eisenhower years America had this golden age of society where everyone could share in the American Dream.

Everyone except for the blacks (sorry…the coloreds), Mexicans, Japanese, Chinese, Indians (foreign and domestic)…OK, so the shorter list is it was for the white people but only certain whites that lived on the right side of town.

What seems to be forgotten is our prosperity then came from the fact we were the only nation to escape the desolation of World War 2. We didn’t have world leadership by right, we had it by default.  Those among us who forget that are trying to rewrite our history as a christian nation with the mission to protect liberty from the godless socialist liberals who are going to take away our bible, guns, and money.

come-and-take-itA danger with this paranoia is it could be self fulfilling. If there are groups who are heavily arming themselves in preparation for a suspected civil enslavement, might not this in turn provide the catalyst to create the need for such a totalitarian police state? As this mindset is manipulated either intentionally or not into an escalation of preparedness that borders on civil disobedience such excuses can be used to create exactly what is feared.

But these are symptoms of deeper psychological issues of entitlement and equity, of race and class, of the future and the past. Issues brought about by world catching up with our level of influence and still reminded of U.S. foreign policies that were mostly in place for our advantage, now the advantage for the few. Those same ethics have translated to our domestic policies as well with gerrymandering of districts for political advantage to keep the elite in power under guise of a necessary process of a democratic system.

Our real freedom has been bought and sold by capitalism and our political system is corrupted by special interests with no allegiance except to the money they use to tighten their grip. Our freedoms are limited now by the choices that only the market can determine. Now we encourage entrepreneurship for the purpose of wealth instead of gaining knowledge for societal harmony. We contribute to it through the participation in a system that enslaves through a concept of ownership.

We allow issues of questionable importance like gay marriage rights and the pledge of allegiance to dominate our national discussions instead of building a truly sustainable and equitable future. The American ideal changed from the compassionate intelligent scientist like Oppenheimer and Einstein to the emotionally conflicted outsiders like Rambo and Conan the Barbarian.

By allowing this American Warrior mentality to continue we condemn our children to become worshipers of a prepackaged version of liberty whose only purpose is enable an elite class of nation-less robber barons to amass enormous wealth on the backs of clueless consumers while what-happened-to-the-american-dreamsheltering that wealth from fair taxation.

If you ever wondered what happened to the American dream?…it’s come true and we are living it now.

But we can wake up and we can dream again.





Do my rights bother you?

Bob-realizeHey, are you clinging to your gun and bible respectively yet.

Well, if you aren’t then you should probably get one of each and start parading around town displaying both for all to see. And of course the bigger the better.

Such is the current trend of “protesting” by folks who take carrying a picture of a gun to the next degree by using a real firearm that is usually loaded (what would be the use of an unloaded gun). These people seem to be under the impression that the rest of us are unaware of the US Constitution’s second amendment and as well as their ability to read.

On the website Philosophy Questions Every Day, University of North Dakota professor Jack Russell Weinstein discusses the ethical issues surrounding these open carry protests by second amendment supporters.

In this video,  I was impressed by his solution of philosophically approaching the problem in a logical emotionally detached argument that illustrates a justifiable course of action when faced with a situation of increased danger.

You can have your rights but then you don’t get my money

The law may protect the open carry of firearms but just as businesses have the right to refuse service for no shoes or shirts the same principle should be applied here when weapons are allowed into the establishment. By not doing this however the business owner is advocating an environment of increased danger in which they are expecting their paying patrons accept?

Don’t business owners have the obligation to keep their patrons safe? Should we as patrons expect to have a safe environment? Some have been doing that but owners who seek to place their business into a political debate risk their bottom line.

David Walman of thedailykos focuses the issue as form of brand hijacking of the business for the political agenda of gun rights activists. That’s really not a bad strategy and someone needs to take note and start using for good instead.

So what’s a conclusion to all this…

first-huntNot bragging but I have several high caliber weapons and I practice regularly to keep up the skill. Not to protect myself from the hoards of liberals, or terrorists, or imaginary monkeys from outer space. I practice because I was taught to hunt with a gun as a survival skill and if needed I have it. I plan to pass that skill on to my son with the same knowledge of responsibility taught to me.

By extension, I don’t feel the need to practice shooting in public spaces. I keep my gun in the car until I reach the shooting range, then carefully unpack and load the weapon. Check carefully my surroundings and use the assigned area for firing at targets.

Strangely enough I don’t go out to my front yard and start shooting cans off my neighbors van and claim it as my second amendment right.

Mainly because one errant shot or misfire can cause severe injury or even death to one of my neighbors or their children. I may be a crackerjack shot when comes to shooting but I realize accidents can happen. I’m just rational that way.

And further because I prefer my neighbors to feel at ease and trust me. If I start waving my guns around someone is going to get the wrong idea and there could be a confrontation that causes severe or deadly consequences. I’m just paranoid that way.

So gun activists are doing something similar when they walk into public spaces like restaurants carrying long guns and assault rifles. Can they believe they are making a statement when the interpretation of their motivations is subjective to all those around them. I don’t know who this person is but I know they have a gun and I know what guns can do.
Such a weapon in and of itself is intimidating. That’s it’s purpose as a tool of destruction even if used for peaceful reasons it’s function is to injure or kill.

So for gun rights activists to claim peaceful symbolism by openly carrying such a threatening object into public spaces seems hypocritical and ignorant to concept of safety. If the claim is people are just uncomfortable at first “interacting” with a high powered weapon in public but then accept it’s presence so it becomes like a traveling gun show encounter group. That’s is the intimidation I’m talking about because you have a place for gun shows and people have the freedom to participate or not. Taking that choice away infringes OUR freedom whether we submit to it or not. Sure I’m going to listen to your story about custom boring the barrel because telling you that you area dumbass for bringing it next to my child may cause you to demonstrate the accuracy of your custom bored barrel in my direction.

So deal with it some might say?

Should we desensitize ourselves of the spectre of the gun so it becomes common place? Isn’t that going backwards? Hasn’t humanity paid enough blood to the god of war that it must steal our future by creating a world where our “might makes right”? This seems to tread into the ground of sanctioned thuggery under the pretense of freedom but isn’t it the same old game of intimidation for the sake of self righteousness.

Can’t we all just get along?




We can’t see atoms so that means god exists…

Science is freaking awesome and has provided humans a method of thinking that has helped us conquer our ignorance and superstition and it has taken us from the darkness of the night to the threshold of the stars.

Simulated Large Hadron Collider CMS particle detector data depicting a Higgs boson produced by colliding protons decaying into hadron jets and electronsBut the science of physics ran into a public relations problem. It is the problem that physics has of actually being able to see an atom. The problem is we can’t directly observe sub atomic particles no matter the magnification. Sight depends on the reflection of light off of an object and when we get to atomic sizes it is no longer possible to observe using conventional techniques. Instead we have to produce instruments and testing that provides evidence of the existence of atoms and smaller particles based on the reactions we can observe.

This is not so much a big deal to those who realize science seeks further mystery no matter how many mysteries it solves. It’s only through learning the answer to mysteries that higher order mysteries are revealed. Through this objectivity we can reconcile the subjective world around us into a logical framework we all can rely on as reality. This keeps us humans from acting insane by believing in things like divine retribution for eating pork or being homosexual.

But now this seems to be where religion is stepping in to claim that science cannot produce real evidence since the evidence it can produce becomes subjective. Religion has never favored science since it cannot provide responses to subjective questions like what is the meaning of life or how can you live in truth.
Religion also judges science to be failing since it cannot provide objective evidence of the natural world when it reaches the atomic level.

This claim is questioned by religion when physical properties reach limits where human physical senses can no longer interact without assistance from device that humans must create in order to measure. How can we know that the instrument is applicable to universal constants if we are designing them arbitrarily based on the physical senses we have.

For example, we cannot naturally see in radio frequencies so we have to create devices that can see them and display a representation to us. We are not visibly seeing the radio waves but we have evidence of their existence. But this evidence can be seen as subjective as we could produce an instrument that is bias and produces the response to validate the theory. I don’t agree with this thinking I’m only explaining it as it was explained to me by believers.

So religion questions this objectivity since science relies on subjective mechanisms such as the increments created to measure, the materials that construct the instrument, and the interpretation of the resulting data. All of it can be called into question since it is only humans applying labels to self created facts and there is no real physical “proof”. This is a perceptual issue that religious people have now concerning the trustworthiness of science. The point being is they don’t.

But what religion calls weakness in science is actually it’s strength and that strength is skepticism. When science claims are called into question they must by the very foundational precepts of scienceno-questions be investigated because science is about truth no matter the result. Even if it overturns it’s own credibility.

Until a religion can embrace both skepticism and criticism of itself in the same manner as science, it cannot be relied on an authoritative source for anything other than a collection of imaginary parables and ethical metaphors.

Unfortunately even those are extremely outdated.



Everything old is new again

Science can be wrong sometimes however science is meant to find out what is wrong in order to find out what’s right.

Religion is meant to know what’s right in order to know what’s wrong. But sometimes religion can be wrong so happens then?

Word twisting is fun these days. It seems to be the ongoing past time for this Young Earth creationism, fundamentalist thinking, and creation science.

What new philosophies like these show is a willing departure in religious metaphor to literal translation which is what this rant is about. The recent movements in this area are disturbing as it coincides with an intentional dumbing down of culture since the 1970’s. There were creationists back then too but they saw the bible as metaphor and didn’t try to “scientifically” prove the bible stories as we have groups doing today. Not that they didn’t try, just not like today.

The 1970’s saw a pinnacle of social awareness that became a sour taste in America’s mouth during the 1980’s which it tried to wash away with consumerism in the guise of a bottle of Perrier water. People weary of social upheaval saw themselves as powerless to affect real change and so chose the path of self indulgence.

It was with the discrediting of the prominent field of Psychiatry by the THUD experiments of David Rosenhan that saw the 1990’s explosion of pseudo scientific truth that has come be regarded as just as valid as experimental methodology. Now we are seeing the result of such abandonment when we act in absolute thinking. People act like 12 year old girls at the next pop star concert when they devote themselves too much to what we think absolute truth is. But maybe truth is not as solid as we would like it to be. Maybe it changes as time does and truth for one day might not the same on the next. Now, here’s some Bob…

So if can realize that science may not know all the answers but they are the best answers we have based on the available facts. What we can understand must come with the realization that we can’t always depend on the conclusions but we can never neglect the evidence.


Teabagged Again


Click the image for the link to the article that inspired this rant.

My love affair with hating republicans begins with their deity, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Republicans appear so honest and upstanding holding back the tidal wave of terror and immorality that they tell us is about to deluge our nation.

However they remind me of the “honest” used car salesmen cliche trying to unload that lemon of a car on some oblivious sucker.

Maybe it’s because Republicans seem by nature to be Type A , Alpha-male, Bossy or whatever title you want to bestow on a personality type that is competitive, highly goal oriented, and usually resents those who are not as socially inclined since they are not playing along with their game. It’s the game where they are the leader and everyone else follows because that’s the natural order of things.

They are like the jocks in high school whose popularity becomes their claim to fame and wins the adoration of the entire class but they still can’t resist the temptation to administer the odd atomic wedgie for the amusement of their sycophants.

So as I wade into this schadenfreude that is this current implosion of the US Republican party I can’t help but wonder who gets the next swirly cause I’m getting water in my ears.


Faith Based Real Estate



Honestly, I’ve never had a favorable opinion of the state of Israel.

To take a group of people no matter how oppressed or persecuted and give them land based on ancient history was just asking for trouble. Where does it stop?

So we have this group of people that piss other people off for so long that they become the targets of a genocidal war that nearly caused their extinction. They had been targeted for generations
for one reason or another but mostly because of the nature that their religious persona as the “treasured people” seems to make others around them feel left out. Some people don’t like to feel left out so much so that they want to break something and that usually becomes the thing they are left out of.

From my understanding the historical kingdom of Israel was like the picture here

Which is why we just didn’t give them something like northern Wyoming or some south sea island.

I say “we” because this was the United Nations acting as the collective world at the time saying “Sorry about all that Kill the Jews stuff, here’s some land. The folks there won’t mind it if you move in, they’ll understand.”

Only they didn’t. Here’s some guy that has been living in the same place as far back as he can remember and he is told “Sorry, this is somebody else’s land who’s ancestors where here a thousand or so years back and they’ve had a tough time…so push off.

Kinda like the Andrea Doria episode of Seinfeld, you can get the apartment if your story is sad enough.

If we are using historical boundaries as justification then Israel should be more angry with Jordon than Palestine but I’m sure there is more than enough hate to go around

Where does this person go? Where can they go now? and why should they go.

To be blunt, Israel lost their right to that land through conflict
just as any other culture has over the centuries of humanity’s struggle for existence. What’s fair is fair and when we make up too many extenuating circumstances things don’t get seen so clearly especially when it comes to property rights.

While my white guilt compels me to be outraged by the horror and nod agreement with anything to compensate these poor but proud people. I also understand that if you desire to live as god’s chosen people then there will be suffering by those you exclude. It’s just the way I see it.

I also tend to think in dispassionate perspectives that can be callous and uncaring but the universe is not a friendly place. Our wants and desires count for no justice in reality and we harm our own minds when we think of reality in spiritual terms. When we think that “the universe smiles down upon us”.

The universe is a mind of pure survival mechanism if you want to frame it with any kind of sentience. It is unconcerned with humanity’s destiny or the personal fates of any one of us. Belief in supernatural forces was created in response to dealing with the fear of obliteration of our self awareness when this natural force of our physical self expires.

Self awareness is commonly referred to as being self evident of the existence of a supreme force but this is prejudicial as it only recognizes a narrow definition of sentience to provide the ideological construct called Truth. Truth represents an unchangeable facet of the universe and we confuse it with Justice when we narrowly focus on self interests.

But this fails to recognize the universe may be purposeless even to the point of denying the possibility whatsoever as it contradicts the need to define Purpose. It’s difficult to live in a world that is infinite and not become so self obsessed as to lose sight of self interest in a larger perspective. It is difficult to live in world without Truth, but it is not impossible.

Do we really need Purpose to provide context to all the minor goals within this natural state of survival. Requiring the definition of the meaning of life seems only to enable condemnation and validate oppression.

Hey, speaking of oppression have you heard what’s been happening in the Middle East lately?

Your Religion Has Failed Us

#religionhasfailed - quote by Soren Kierkegaard

One of my major criticisms about religion is the fact that after many thousands of years of reinventing itself we still have war, poverty, and slavery.

Albeit in varying forms these problems still haunt humanity in a variety of disguises some apparent and some so subtle that we accept it normally. But religion claims to provide shelter and wisdom to protect humanity from pagan barbarism even from within itself.

My charge is that religion has failed it’s purpose to bring humanity it’s promised enlightenment and due to its ineffective management of it’s representatives it is now and historically causes more harm than it tries to compensate for with charitable actions. This incarnation of monotheism has had over 2000 years and still cannot reconcile interpretations among it’s own practitioners.

Further, that due to this irreconcilability it propagates a separatist mentality to control and manipulate numbers of the populace under an elitist oligarchical system. Religion’s inclusionary nature drives people further apart by bringing them together and at the same time teaching exclusionary thinking within the group. This thinking can and should be expanded to include all sports fans, Applestore “Geniuses”, and comic-con cosplayers.

We can no longer afford to engage with mythical figures to influence our actions or sanctify our achievements. We can no longer use these philosophical differences as an excuse not to change ourselves. We can no longer let traditional power structures hold this world hostage for private agendas that waste our time and resources.

We are Humanity and we deserve better.

No matter the name
no matter the faith
they claim consequence
over sin we make.

Love your fellow man
follow this guy as Lord
just remember donations
are accepted at the door.

The evidence they say
only faith is required
but the morality they claim
we’ve already acquired.

Hypocritical is belief
when gods makes us pure
we become the same problem
that we seek to cure

For thousands of years
they say we are blessed
but after all this time
it’s a bloody, bloody mess.

It takes no god
to make murder bad
ask any child
who has lost their Dad.


God’s Latest Drinking Binge


..when asked why they couldn’t aim their rockets more effectively: ‘We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air’.


“out of nowhere God told her that He would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let Him take it.”

God can do anything
he doesn’t care
like knocking missiles
out of the air.

But driving a car
proves too much the dare
all those promises
vanish to thin air.

God is so awesome
like an imaginary friend
you can even blame him
while you play pretend.

That which lurks behind
this naivete
is an easy excuse
so you can disobey.

Faith in miracles
is just make believe
you only convince yourself
while leaving others to grieve.



God goes on a bender

It was reported by several sources that the divine being has been directly interfering with events here on earth. With an unprecedented appearance in not one but two locations this week.

Once in the holy land to stop by and have some fun with the massive death orgy that both sides seem to enjoy so much. He was reported to be interfering by not stopping the violence but just helping to make it more random.

Then in a personal appearance back in America, he was involved in a traffic accident concerning a young woman, her car, and abdicating responsibility

While many look at these as merely examples of human beings displaying delusional behavior by projecting an alter ego into the self inflicted problems they must now face.

There is much more troubling answer.


Evidently the supreme being has decided to go and get hammered and is traveling around the world pranking everyone from Vicodin addicts to the desert versions of Deadpool.

This appears to have been caused by a profound disappointment with us, his children that has been covered up for so long has finally tipped The Lord over the edge.

You really can’t blame as we are a disappointing lot that he has to love like the love you have for the son that throws a ball like a girl. Well at least he makes good grades.

Looks like we will have to get together for an intervention and hopefully we can get the big guy through this.

Send all donations to the Human Fund, care of this station.


Rufugee Smefugee

The Humane Act

There are many children coming into the United States from Central American parents trying to keep them out of drug cartels. The US government wants to speed up deportation from months to days thereby eliminating the precious time of safety these parents are seeking for their children. The claims from politicians are speeding up the process is for compassion but this walks dangerously toward deportation without process since money is the real reason.

At the time of this writing…

America has been faced with an marked increase of immigrants from Central America from countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. The majority of these immigrants are children being sent north to escape gang initiation into drug cartels by their parents.

There is currently a proposed law called the HUMANE ACT that seeks to control the situation.

According to the Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) website the part most commentators are taking exception with is…

  • Require immigration judges to make a determination as to whether an unaccompanied migrant child is eligible to remain in the United States within 72 hours of making their claim. Children who succeed in their claim will be allowed to remain in the United States in the custody of a sponsor while they pursue their legal remedies. Children who do not successfully make such a claim will be reunited with family in their home country.

Sounds nice doesn’t it, we are just going to make sure they get a speedy hearing and send them back to mom and dad back in Honduras. Only it may not be that simple. The situations these people come from is complex and there may not be anyone there for them except those they were trying to escape.

Another facet is the initial interview being conducted by border patrol whose determination either puts the immigrant into the system or immediate deportation. Are they really qualified for such interviews?

Regretfully this feels like another grandstand by conservative factions to make current efforts look weak and ineffective by applying the “we got enough problems” tactic to people in need. The system is weak and ineffective however conservatives favor isolationist policies that threaten global stabilization and this is another move to “secure our borders”.

The point is apparent that the refugees need to go back home and take the message America can no longer be the a refuge for their kids when times are tough. Please never you mind that it was our policies and interference’s that caused your situation.

It’s an example of the pull yourself up by the bootstraps mentality the “haves” like to give the “have nots” in these situations to look guiltless. But it could be said this just the result of years of U.S. political and economic manipulation in Central America for the benefit of the rich and powerful. Now we are seeing the result for such interference.

It calls into question our ability to have principles of inclusiveness, such that “all men are created equal” while at the same time we scrutinize them as a group of potential terrorists for the security of our homeland yet still trying to make a buck at the same time.

What security do we really achieve if we turn our backs to those in need?

Just a child who has
come a long way
escaping death
or so you say.

This land of freedom
is not for you
I’m late for bible study
you’ll just have to make-do.

You are a burden
to our taxpayers
we only have enough
to give you our prayers.

Enabling your dysfunction
we can no longer abide
stop being a wuss
and face the genocide.

We don’t have time for
huddled masses anymore
our Humane Act
is really just a metaphor.






Christ’s crucifixion by Roman’s and Joan of Arc’s execution by the church his death founded illustrates how the persecuted can become the persecutor.


Persecution has a funny way of coming back on itself.

Victims become the aggressors usually to assure the victimization never happens again. I can’t help in this respect to think about the Jews now and their “state” of Israel.

Religion is historically the refuge of the persecuted but believers are very good at building sympathy for themselves and grabbing power when they have the chance based on their moral righteousness.

It would seem reasonable then, when dealing with the believers we need to be respectful despite the trite dismissals, blinding self righteousness. and scores of hypocrisy. Otherwise this could be turned around to where they truly are the victims again and remember what they did last time that happened.

I’m looking at you Dark Ages.

I believe within humanity’s intelligence lies the solution but it must be detached from the emotion of frustration that occurs with someone whose belief structure has limits attached to it.

I have just as much outrage and animosity at the blinding lack of reason that some have when confronted with the reality of uncertainty. There is a faction of humanity that need a context that is supernatural in order to see the wonder of existence. That’s just how they cope with the VERY real possibility of death being the ultimate and final moment.

If atheists are to overcome the millennia of entrenched fear and ignorance then we will need to use reason and logic not with believers but with ourselves and find the words that can make the difference.


They make pretend
to find fault with me,
pointing fingers with
accusing allegory.

Believers have history
of being the persecuted
tread carefully with their wrath
through insults blurted.

Believers have skill
winning hearts and minds
with their myths
and sacred diatribe.

Believers bring peace
in times of chaos
from which they
emerge as the boss.

Be wary of persecution
it has a way of turning
into institutions
of heretics burning.


Good riddance to bad raptures

I hope they can get it right this time!

Ahh…the Rapture, it’s like the Hunger Games for the religious except in reverse. It’s gonna suck all the faithful up to heaven while the rest of us sinners have to deal with Hell on earth while they sit next to God saying I told you so .

What a great way to love your fellow human but it is for our own good you know.

Now according to this idea (and it is just an idea) we don’t have to wait to go to Hell anymore (or THEY don’t have to wait anymore). Much like pizza we will have Hell delivered straight to our door. Believers have pretty much dropped the patient act of retribution after death into making it happen right now.

Why don’t they stop all the self righteous posturing and just call it what it is. Believers want to see unbelievers not just die but be tortured and then confess into belief in God. It’s the Spanish Inquisition without mortals getting their hands dirty.

They want to see their own supposed suffering for having to imagine men kissing changed into demons raping people with red hot pokers. They want to see mother’s separated from their children for not being married. They want planes to drop out of the sky because people use condoms.

So please, if we are to begin an argument just start with you don’t like me or my ideas and don’t hide behind your gods as an excuse. Because as soon as you do then you are a coward that is ready to lie to make yourself the winner.

Humanity would be better off without such poor excuses for hatred.


So the rapture will take
those who believe but
maybe they are the one’s
who need to leave.

Maybe it means
there’s something wrong
to you, we are damned
but it’s you saying so long?

While you dine with God
we will still be here
perhaps that’s the intent
for words you don’t hear.

Blessed are peacemakers
so the sermon goes
but this seems like a recall
for those who oppose.

If leaving this world
is God’s great design
perhaps it is you
who are left behind.

Proof of intelligence?


So what if aliens landed and they were religious? More importantly to some would be WHAT religion they practice.

Would this provide the answer people seek of the existence of God or lead to intergalactic Holy War.

The Space Pope was, presumably, the head of the Catholic Church. He is the inspiration for the rhetorical question “Is the space pope reptilian?”

There has been many theoretical versions of beliefs promulgated in fiction to examine this premise but what if it was a specific belief the aliens shared with us. Could this be accepted?

Has this species been contaminated with our transmissions or was there a similar development parallel to our own? Was this believe spread to our planet long ago by space missionaries?

Would they claim the same messenger brought them this message, did he mention us since there was no mention we know about them. Was there a galactic tour after the resurrection/ascension?

Could humanity accept this when it currently cannot overcome it’s differing beliefs of cultures on it’s own planet?

As an unbeliever, I would be profoundly disappointed as this would illustrate that intelligence capable of visiting other planets still had not gotten past this primordial concept.

ST-TOS Bread and Circuses examined the possibility of a Rome that never fell but did eventually see the rise of a Christian religion. Thanks to the crew of the Enterprise.

Both Battlestar Galactica incarnations expound heavily on persecution at the hands of religious dogma.


RUSH – Faithless

The Author:

As I move among the crowd I carry them with me…welcome to My Atheist Research

Originally posted on My Atheist Research:

If I do my forensics on my where I am at now, it was Faithless revealed that direction…Thanks guys!

I’ve got my own moral compass to steer by.
A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky
and all the preaching voices–
empty vessels ring so loud
as they move among the crowd.
Fools and thieves are well disquised
in the temple and marketplace.

Like a stone in the river
against the floods of spring
I will quietly resist.

Like the willows in the wind
or the cliffs along the ocean
I will quietly resist.

I don’t have faith in faith.
I don’t beleive in belief.
You can call me faithless
but I still cling to hope.
And I believe in love
and that’s faith enough for me.

I’ve got my own spirit level for balance
to tell if my choice is leading up or down.
And all the shouting…

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The Patriotic Atheist 2 – The Moooing

Fuck Yea...?

Fuck Yea…?

Bellow and roar,
your call to arms,
but which goat do,
you seek to harm.

To question authority,
is our founding precept,
But Tom was a deist,
this you need to accept.

Cling to your belief,
as you must but you,
are holding the gun,
that belies your trust.

You change our name,
but what’s the point,
if this is freedom,
its disorder you anoint.

What brings us together,
can tear us apart,
independence is liberty,
but where’s the heart.

We all want peace,
but at what cost,
does it make sense,
if all is lost?

The Patriotic Atheist

Make sure to bastardize our name as much as possible cuz dat wat our boyz in uniform dies fer!

Make sure to bastardize our name as much as possible cuz dat wat our boyz in uniform dies fer!

Frosty cold is how
we enjoy our beer
we enjoy our wars
both far and near.

Wars on drugs
Wars on terror
they will keep us safe
from all your error.

We like our blood
we like our strife
especially those
in the name of christ.

we pride ourselves
each and every day
our way is the one
you need to obey.

but something is lost
I think we must see
rationale is lost
by the party of Tea.

It darkens our heart
that moronic yell
can’t shake that feeling
WE are going to Hell.

Popular chants
that change our name
into ig-no-rants
to all our shame.

That’s not my belief…


From “History Repeats Itself: The Robber Barons of the Middle Ages and the Robber Barons of Today”, Puck, Samuel Ehrhardt (1889),

You close on Sundays
so employees can pray
but is it an excuse
to avoid weekend pay?

Not paying the wage
so makers can live
you take our money
rather than give.

Your chinese wares come
from misery and strife
but you get your respect
and the bless-ed life.

Business is your faith
you believe it’s fair trade
but it’s not your right
to pick laws you obey.

God said do what ????


Speak your final truths
child of Abraham
convince us pagans
your words are not sham.

So these judged pure
and those are cast down
will he who will judge
hold your mighty crown.

But to have a king
there must be subjects
one with the glory
and one who genuflects.

Man created God
which you seem to deny
so don’t be surprised
if we spit in your eye.

So keep your kingdom
believe if you must
my morals are fine
in this I will trust.

No god before me…

Extract from William Hogarth, Paul before Felix, 1752

Extract from Paul before Felix, William Hogarth, 1752 – For dramatic effect only, Felix was NOT a Caesar.

Tyranny was claimed
by Gods acolyte
but it was themselves
that started the fight.

Ceasar said to them
just call me divine
and you will never be
short of bread or wine.

Take all your gods
Juda had said
and shove them up
the other side of your head.

We have no god
before our own
you who will kneel
before our throne.

So we were plunged
into the dark ages
and so was Reason
kept in the cages.

Now they hear
the call again
kill unbelievers
for they are sin.

None can answer
just what it means
for unto them
it’s just routine.


comfortingHoly vestiges cry platitudes,
they comfort covetous aspirations.
Vacuous visages pose sacred,
icons of restless guilt.

Their comfort gives no warmth
to blinded shoulders stooped.
Words bind innocuous shadow
to eclipse enlightened truth.

Reason calls minds deafened
with wisdom firmly enclosed,
insulated by frigid command,
frozen in divine pride.

It’s claimed to be a better place
this precept of sacrifice,
this dictum of debt
owed to the rulers of light.

Narrow intent blinds insight,
conceit is not pride,
greed is not ambition,
and delusion is not belief.

One possibility unspoken,
perhaps finality is white
so when days are passed
decay is the only afterlife.

Full Circle

CAtchUpGrow my hair
to cover my ears
tired of hearing meaningless words
disappointed by narrow perspectives.

Grow my beard
to cover my chin
tired of the repeated strikes
disappointed by cruel intentions.

Grow my patience
to hold my tongue
tired of meaningless words
disappointed by limited hearing.

They can’t see us or touch us
We are blind and we are numb
We neither seek nor find
Neither sought nor found

We don’t want these things
yet we cannot throw them away
loving them more
completes the irony.

Hey, business is business

BusinessmanRun your business, business man

Hide behind the black and white rules, business man
its better than having imagination, business man
it’s better than being accountable, business man
it’s better than being human, business man

Are you really people anymore, business man

Soak em for every penny, business man
They‘ll never know, business man
Who’s it hurt, business man
Fuck that guy, business man

I have no idea how to run a business, business man
‘cause livin’ ain’t a business, business man.

Welcome Home

Pawns are moved
traps are set,
This release
you will regret.

We support our troops
unless they flee,
for we are patriots
our heroes we need.

We will hang you
from the ole oak tree,
with that yellow ribbon
from which we feed.

For you are a pawn
this you have earned,
for Hell hath no fury
like the fanatic spurned.

Murica…fuck yea!


Usually I try to let my work speak for itself but evidently I had more to say…

It seems to me we have once again wrapped the flag over ourselves in order to sanctify our narrow actions. Should I be surprised? A nation that is instructed through word and deed that hero worship and contempt are principles of a free society cannot be anything but fanatical and dominated by it’s own fear.

After Vietnam, returning soldiers were spit on and called baby killers but those who lived then and their children now have turned into believing our troops can do no harm. An idealized patriot of pure heart and virtuous intent will somehow makeup for earlier disrespect of the establishment they now inhabit. While a commitment to the military is a noble tradition worthy of respect, to honor anyone with a degree of accomplishment by simple existence leads to fanatical if not blind devotion. And that’s bad.

Hence this controversy over Sgt. Bergdahl is a striking reaction to the intense devotion to the military that has been fostered in our country since Ronald Reagan was president. Even more surprising is the speed at which the “word death” threat came out in the media. So much for “you’re our hero for wearing that uniform” mentality.

My impression has been that people today believe we should be on our knees in gratitude to the military for keeping us safe. Somehow I believe we are kept safe in order to NOT to have to get on our knees to anyone. Even the military.

Soldiers are human and who has not done something they regret later. Did he desert his post or just take a walk in the wrong direction. Look I like to take walks too but it doesn’t mean I’m leaving my family…and my family shouldn’t want to string me up if I get lost one day and get kidnapped by the locals.



NERDOur opinions are controversial
our audience is disinterested
once ignored by the beautiful
despised by the popular

Now humble pretences sit
upon pretty faces,
Outcast marketable with
horn rimmed ocular

Hidden behind
Vacuous becomes fatuous
intellect becomes imitation
Greed hidden by compassion

Mutation is inelegant
Awkwardness problematic
I can’t be one of you
My burden isn’t your Fashion.

Reefer Hits

untitledNewspaper moguls chant
as hipsters rave
Just a puff
sends you to the grave

Falsehoods spew
from faces grim
all for the profit
paid to him.

He controls what you see
He controls what you think
wouldn’t you rather
just have a drink?

The smoke in your eyes
clears away the lies
the buzz in your head
questions the path you have led.

Perspectives shifts
while the mind drifts
Clarity is easy
when you stop listening.

Sparrow hearts in demi glace

One of the hallmarks of a society's decadence is the obsession with food and culinary arts. What's your favorite food show?

One of the hallmarks of a society’s decadence is the obsession with food and culinary arts. What’s your favorite food show?

Careless are the messiah’s
in the time of indigent majesty,
falsetto prophets bestow
manipulated moralities.

Bleary days of scornful activity
regurgitate sophomoric platitudes
for egos that masturbate
to illusions of righteousness

Unrelenting joy grinds flaccidly,
voices roar in prolonged silence
their words scourging ears
stuffed with regurgitated platitudes.

Pass through the ivory night,
Seek respite in flutes of sand,
dine on bone and ash as
starvation stirs your desire for more.

Indulgence flays nutrional need
corpulence outweighs charity
Gold means little
while starvation exists.